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Diller-Quaile School of Music, Inc. (The)


The Diller-Quaile School of Music, Inc., has been an NCCRS member since May 1993. Diller-Quaile was founded in 1920 by two women, pianists Angela Diller and Elizabeth Quaile. They believed that the capacity for understanding and creating music exists in everyone, so it was essential that their music school provide a dynamic and well-rounded experience not just for select students, but for all. Their purpose was to develop musically sensitive and receptive individuals who played with the eloquence that comes from understanding the structure of music, and the inner relationships of musical elements within a composition. Through inspired teaching, they would awaken in students a responsiveness to the beauty of music and to the subtleties of artistic performance.

The first teachers at the School were selected from among the two founders' adult pupils. As the School grew, so did the need for more teachers, and formal teacher training courses evolved. The Normal School [Teacher Training] provided a three-year course in modern methods of class and piano teaching. The general courses, taught by Diller and Quaile, and other members of the Faculty, included Musicianship, Ear Training, Keyboard and Written Harmony, Musical Form and Teaching Materials and Methods. Two types of certificates were given to students – one for class teaching and one for piano teaching. A feature of this Department was the opportunity for observation of Angela Diller’s teaching of classes for students ages 8-16. In addition to developing materials for teachers, Angela Diller and Elizabeth Quaile collaborated to write the well-known Diller-Quaile Series, publishing the First Solo Book and the First Duet Book in 1918, which became the first volumes in the Diller-Quaile Series.  Their carefully graded series was written for students of all ages and included piano materials for beginners; four levels of solo books; duet books; pedal studies; a first theory book covering the elements of music with a particular focus on ear-training; and four levels of keyboard harmony texts.

Today, Diller-Quaile is a thriving community music school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, comprised of the Early Childhood Program; the Instrumental and Vocal Department; the Adult Department; the Teacher Training Program, and Community Music Programs and In-School Partnerships. Throughout the year, Rug Concerts for young children and their families, master classes, student recitals, performances by faculty and guest artists, and special events bring the spirit and mission of Diller-Quaile to individuals across the globe.

The belief that music is a fundamental part of human life is at the center of our philosophy and mission. We serve a diverse group of individuals spanning all ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and ethnicities—all who share a love of music and the desire to grow musically. Diller-Quaile has a proud tradition of not only providing music instruction of the highest caliber, but also sharing and preserving music through public concerts, publications, and recordings.

Diller-Quaile's mission is to develop the innate musicality in each individual, inspiring participation for a lifetime.

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Jyni Ekins Registrar/Bursar and Kirsten Morgan, Executive Director
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