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National College Credit Recommendation Service

Board of Regents  |  University of the State of New York

Documentation Checklist

The following documentation and information from your most recent course/program offering is required and should be available for the evaluators and NCCRS to review at the time of an academic evaluation. Most of these items are also required for a five-year revalidation: 

  • A comprehensive list of learner outcomes for each course/exam. Learner outcomes are written in active verb form as measurable higher-level thinking skills. 
  • All instructional materials: handouts, textbooks, copies of required readings and/or articles, student manuals, workbooks, laboratory manuals, PowerPoint presentations, lectures (on-line or print versions).
  • Copies of all assignments and assessments given (labs, quizzes, essays, midterm and final exams, oral presentations, case studies, etc.)
  • Graded samples of student work for all assessments used to determine final grades (include all rubrics).  Provide the work of three students representing a range of performance from below average to above average. In accordance with FERPA guidelines (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), all names and other identifying information must be redacted. 
  • Instructors’ educational and professional qualifications: resume, biographical narrative, or CV.
  • Class roster, attendance records, and official grade list for each course. Redact all personal information (name, social security number, etc.). 
  • Access to the master record keeping system for student records (new members only). 
  • Sample evaluations of classroom instructors and overall course rating completed by students.
  • A formal proctoring policy for proficiency examinations (if applicable).
  • Course design and delivery methods for on-line instruction (if applicable).
  • Student identity verification and instructor feedback procedures for on-line learning and assessments (if applicable).

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