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National College Credit Recommendation Service

Board of Regents  |  University of the State of New York

Steps for Transfer Credit

Step One: Check out the CCRS Online Directory  to determine if the organization who sponsored the course or program had the course evaluated for college credit recommendations through NCCRS. If you cannot find the organization in our directory, be sure to look under Former Members ( 

Please note: NCCRS cannot evaluate courses unless contracted to do so by the organization offering the learning; NCCRS does not evaluate individual student transcripts for college credit equivalencies.

Step Two: Contact the registrar at the organization who sponsored the course (or exam) and request that an official transcript be sent to the college or university of your choice. NCCRS does NOT issue transcripts. 

Step Three: Upon application to a college/university, meet with an academic advisor and review your transcript. Ask about their PLA (prior learning assessment) process or policies. Tell them about the CCRS Online directory should they need detailed information about the course and credit recommendation.

Step Four: If you encounter problems with your transfer credit request, please submit a Request for Assistance Form so NCCRS can advocate on your behalf.