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Center for Financial Training


The Center for Financial Training (CFT) recognizes the critical link between staff performance and company success. To meet the evolving demands of the financial industry, CFT offers comprehensive and up-to-date training and education tailored to the needs of banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. With over a century of experience, CFT is committed to providing professionally administered education that equips employees with the skills needed to excel in their roles.

CFT stands out as a leader in providing accessible and relevant training solutions. Offering a diverse range of programs, including eClassroom programs, online/FlexLearn courses, OnDemand, and self-paced online learning, CFT ensures flexibility and convenience for learners at every level. With a focus on immediate on-the-job relevance, CFT's training programs offer tangible benefits such as increased productivity, employee retention, and customer satisfaction.

Choosing CFT for professional training brings numerous benefits to both employers and employees. From improved productivity and profitability to enhanced employee retention and morale, the CFT advantage extends to increased customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. By investing in CFT's training programs, companies can foster a skilled workforce that stays ahead of industry changes, ultimately driving success in the competitive financial services sector.

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