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Philosophy - Coopersmith Career Consulting

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Varies (self-study, self-paced).


May 2023 - Present.


Upon successful completion of the learning experience, students will be able to: outline the major periods and the major figures in the history of Western philosophy; analyze the basic problems of philosophy in the fields of metaphysics, axiology, and epistemology; summarize the views of philosophers as expressed in philosophical texts; and evaluate the ways in which philosophers attempt to solve the problems of philosophy.


Introduction to Philosophy introduces students to the major goals, nature, and methods of philosophy. The course focuses on issues concerning philosophical theories of knowledge and reality, drawing on ideas from a variety of disciplines. Topics include the nature of philosophy, the problem of skepticism and knowledge, and mind and personal identity. Emphasis is on the nature of philosophy and its relation to education, logic, and critical thinking.

Credit recommendation:

In the lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category, 3 semester hours in Philosophy (5/23).