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National College Credit Recommendation Service

Board of Regents  |  University of the State of New York

NOCTI and Nocti Business Solutions (NBS) | Evaluated Learning Experience

Construction Masonry-Brick (4125)

Course Category: 
NOCTI and NBS proctored test centers throughout the United States.
September 2011 - Present.
Instructional delivery format: 
Proficiency exam
Learner Outcomes: 

Students will be able to: identify and use PPEs (personal protective equipment); demonstrate knowledge of workplace/jobsite safety procedures, including lock-out/tag-out; exhibit understanding of OSHA safety standards and MSDS; erect and use scaffolds safely; display understanding of ladder safety; explain the history of the craft; identify job opportunities in the masonry industry; identify craft terminology; identify, use, and properly care for hand tools; identify, use, and properly care for power tools; identify and select materials, including synthetic stone and brick products; identify various mortars (M, S, N, O) and cements (Type I, II, III) and their uses; identify material sizes; read and interpret written specifications; identify and interpret lines and symbols; read and interpret drawings and plans; square a building, use of 3-4-5/Pythagorean theory; install a corner/story pole and determine heights; identify masonry bond types; install a metal door/window frame; lay out and construct control joints; identify and install anchor bolts and masonry fasteners; set up job site; lay brick to the line; tool off/joint units; build brick leads and corners; identify and construct steps and components; install masonry pavers; identify and install wall ties and accessories; identify and position various types of lintels; identify types of arches; exhibit understanding of arch applications; identify parts of fireplace/chimney; install fireplace/chimney components; display familiarity with building codes; install flashing correctly; Install weep holes and insultation correctly; exhibit comprehension of construction masonry-related mathematics; exhibit understanding of measurements and conversions; estimate/calculate materials needed; restore and repoint masonry units; select and use masonry cleaning agents; exhibit understanding of communication/leadership skills; and display understanding of professional ethics and behavior. Performance Component: Job Layout (18%); Construct a Brick Wall/Pier in Stretcher/Running Bond (67%); Project Jointing (15%).


NOCTI and NBS exams assess  individuals' end-of-program knowledge and skills in an online proctored proficiency examination format. In addition, some programs administer a NOCTI/NBS performance component test to assess application of skills.

Credit recommendation: 

In the lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category, 3 semester hours in Construction (11/13) (11/18 revalidation) (11/23 revalidation). NOTE: An additional 1-2 credits may be awarded based on successful completion of the Performance Component when given in conjunction with the written proficiency examination.