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National College Credit Recommendation Service

Board of Regents  |  University of the State of New York

Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. | Evaluated Learning Experience

Dale Carnegie-High Performance Teams (DCHPT-1)


21 hours (6 weeks).

Various locations worldwide.
January 1998 - August 2007.
Instructional delivery format: 
Traditional classroom model
Learner Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to demonstrate skills, processes, and technology to facilitate the team process; assist teams in establishing a common purpose; and communicate effectively while making decisions and resolving conflicts.


Major topics covered in the course are: commitment, communication as a team, collaboration within and between teams, collaboration in decision-making and resolving conflict, and coordination. Methods of instruction include audio/visual materials, discussions, classroom exercises, case studies, debriefing, team exercises, application activities, reporting, contests, simulations, presentations, self-assessments, progress reports, instructor observation, feedback and coaching, and final evaluations.

Credit recommendation: 
In the lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category, 1 semester hour in Leadership, Human Relations, or Team Building (11/99) (8/03).