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Workshop U


Workshop U, an NCCRS member since July 2023, is a program of Workshop Learning which was founded in 2010 to create transformative learning experiences for underserved youth in Philadelphia. Initially, Workshop Learning  developed and ran a STEM afterschool program that gained national attention. In 2012, Workshop Learning partnered with the School District of Philadelphia to create the Workshop School, a highly innovative school that focuses on authentic learning, real-world skill building and a deep sense of community. We believe that every student has unique gifts, interests and talents and that our job as educators is to help students discover and cultivate them, and then carry them forward into adulthood. The experience of developing the Workshop School has led to development of the newest program, Workshop U.

Workshop U is a new vision of what college could be: a collection of diverse, transformational learning experiences that prepare students to pursue a life of security, connection, and purpose. The aim is not just to fix the value proposition of higher education so that students see the financial return on their investment, but to fix the values proposition that says that financial security is the only thing worth striving for. Workshop U is partnering with Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) for a pilot year starting September 2023 to offer a mix of courses and experiences that prepare young adults for their next steps in life while earning college credit through CCP.

Source of Official Student Records

Simon Hauger, Director
(215) 605-6850

Descriptions and credit recommendations for all evaluated learning experiences