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SpaceTEC Partners, Inc.


Beginning as a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education grant supporting aerospace technical education in 2002, SpaceTEC, an NCCRS member since October 2016, has distributed more than $10M in grant funding over the past 15 years throughout the aerospace and aviation education communities building a robust educational and credentialing resource.

SpaceTEC Partners, Inc. (SPI) was formed in 2009 to manage activities directly or indirectly related to aerospace technician credentialing. SPI was formally recognized as a 501c3 educational non-profit corporation by the US Internal Revenue Service in 2016. SPI is authorized by the FAA Office of Commercial Space to support the nation’s space industry through development of curriculum and performance-based certifications for technicians engaged in space vehicle manufacturing and operations. CertTEC was created by SPI in 2010 to deliver credentials assessing relevant skills and competencies desired in prospective employees throughout aviation, aerospace and related industries nationwide.

Credential Testing Services (CTS) was formed in 2016 to provide accredited non-performance-based certification and third-arty computer-based testing services. SPI programs support commercial space, aviation manufacturing, maintenance and operations, the military and many advanced manufacturing technology education programs across the country with program outcome and student skills validation.

Source of Official Student Records

SpaceTEC Partners, Inc. Headquarters
379 Cheney Hwy PMB 207
Titusville, FL 32780
United States
(321) 567-5193

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