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National Tax Training School


National Tax Training School (NTTS), an NCCRS member since January 2012, has been at the forefront of providing quality training in tax and related fields since 1952. NTTS is the nation's foremost specialized school of taxation and finance entirely devoted to this field and offers highly successful comprehensive courses, especially developed for distance learning.

NTTS texts are written by the school's team of highly skilled professionals and experienced educators in a clear concise manner, using language which is understood even by students who do not have an accounting background. The course materials are continuously revised and always up to date, reflecting the changes in the laws and regulations as they are implemented, and are used by some of the nation's most prominent CPA firms for the pre-tax season training of staff members.

This in-depth, effective, and efficient training has over the years enabled NTTS graduates to firmly establish themselves as reputable professionals and to take their places among the leading tax consultants in many communities throughout the nation. A team of highly skilled instructors and support staff ensure that students receive the highest level of personalized instruction available. In addition to a solid training program in taxation and finance, NTTS provides its students with the effective proven business building instructions needed to attain success in this and any other professional field.

Students and admissions representatives please note: NCCRS does not provide transcripts. Transcript requests and inquiries should be directed to the organization offering the courses, examinations or apprenticeship. See the Source of Official Student Records in the sidebar near the top right side of this page.

Source of Official Student Records

National Tax Training School
67 Ramapo Valley Road, Suite 102
PO Box 767
Mahwah, NJ 07430
United States

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