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AHRC of New York City


AHRC of New York City, an NCCRS member since October 2007, is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in New York City serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is governed by a Board of Directors, two-thirds of whom must be relatives of persons with developmental disabilities, working together with a staff of dedicated professionals.

The aim of AHRC's work has been to offer individuals with disabilities day to day living that is as rich, absorbing, and worthwhile as possible, with an emphasis on helping individuals live up to their maximum potential in the community. The vivid memory of a time not long ago when the developmentally disabled were treated as outcasts, has been an underlying force propelling AHRC to advocate for the rights of the disabled, to change legislation and public policy, and to develop programs for new and emerging populations that are underserved. In the past fifty years, AHRC has helped to create a life for people with developmental disabilities that did not exist previously.

AHRC currently serves 11,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families. The array of services offered to individuals and their families by the organization is unsurpassed.

Students and admissions representatives please note: NCCRS does not provide transcripts. Transcript requests and inquiries should be directed to the organization offering the courses, examinations or apprenticeship. See the Source of Official Student Records contact information in the sidebar near the top right of this page.

Source of Official Student Records

Director of Camping and Recreation, AHRC of New York City
83 Maiden Lane
New York City, NY 10038
United States

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