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Saylor Academy


The Saylor Academy, an NCCRS member since November 2012, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 1999 by Michael Saylor, Chairman and CEO of MicroStrategy, Inc. Since 2009, the Academy’s free education initiative at has built over 250 free online college and career development courses. Guided by the belief that technology has the potential to circumvent barriers that prevent many individuals from participating in traditional schooling models, the Academy is committed to developing and advancing inventive and effective ways of harnessing technology in order to make education freely available for all.

Students and admissions representatives please note: NCCRS does not provide transcripts. Transcript requests and inquiries should be directed to the organization offering the courses, examinations or apprenticeship. See the Source of Official Student Records in the sidebar near the top right side of this page.

Source of Official Student Records

Mr. Devon Ritter, Saylor Academy
1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW
10th Floor
Washington, DC 20009
United States

Descriptions and credit recommendations for all evaluated learning experiences

Active Learning Experiences - Saylor Academy

Inactive Learning Experiences - Saylor Academy