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National College Credit Recommendation Service

Board of Regents  |  University of the State of New York

New York City Department of Education | Evaluated Learning Experience

1. EDU 710: Classroom Culture and Instructional Methods 2

2. EDU 720: Clinical Teaching Experience

Course 1: 54 hours (20 weeks). Course 2:  480 hours (16 weeks).

65 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Course 1: January 2020 - February 2020. Course 2: January 2020  – Present.


Instructional delivery format: 
Traditional classroom model
Learner Outcomes: 

Course 1 and 2: Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to build a collaborative, equitable, and student-centered classroom culture with supportive relationships for all students; successfully apply the tenets of culturally responsive teaching to curriculum planning, instructional strategies, and classroom management; plan rigorous and engaging, common core aligned instructional materials with a constant lens on differentiation and culturally responsive pedagogy, such that a diverse set of learners can access the curriculum; skillfully collect and use formative data to inform and revise instruction on a daily basis; adopt and utilize data-based reflective practices in order to continuously grow in their teaching practice; develop reasonable time allocations when planning lesson activities, unit plans and a year-long scope and sequence or curriculum maps; and reference student actions, responses and data-supported outcomes as evidence in reflecting on teaching. Prerequisite: Bachelor’s degree.


Course 1 and 2: Major topics include: Instructional Vision, Building Relationships, Behavior Management, Delivering Consequences, Managing Classroom Procedures, Starting Class and Entry Procedures, Introduction to Standards and Planning, Creating Objectives and Assessments, Delivering Direct Instruction, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Universal Design for Learning, Eliciting and Interpreting Student Thinking, Backwards Design, Data-Driven Instruction, Educating All Learners, Reflecting on Implicit Bias, Family and Community Engagement, and Bias in Special Education and Discipline.

Credit recommendation: 

Course 1 and 2: In the graduate degree category, 11 semester hours in Education (5 semester hours lecture/6 semester hours clinical) (2/18).  NOTE: Students must successfully complete both EDU 720: Clinical Teaching Experience and EDU 710: Classroom Culture and Instructional Methods 2 to gain access to credit recommendations.