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National College Credit Recommendation Service

Board of Regents  |  University of the State of New York

New York Botanical Garden | Evaluated Learning Experience

Horticultural Therapy in Behavioral Health Settings (THR 404)

15 hours (3 weeks).
2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY.

September 2008 - December 2022. 

Instructional delivery format: 
Traditional classroom model
Learner Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to: define mental health and mental illness; explain the presumed etiologies and describe the symptoms of the common psychiatric disorders including: depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, and substance abuse disorders; examine underlying stereotypes and generalizations concerning mental illness; comprehend the use of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V for diagnosing and classifying psychiatric conditions; compare treatment options in behavioral health and the foundations of horticultural therapy as a treatment modality; gain familiarity with clinical assessment tools and documentation methods used in behavior health settings; explore appropriate success driven goals and objectives, planning and programming issues; write an Individualized Program Plan based on a case study; recognize the major classifications of medications used to treat psychiatric conditions and their side effects; identify safety and health concerns when working with behavioral health clients; and perform a literature review of scientific, refereed journal articles concerning horticultural therapy in the behavioral health field.


This course is taught in a traditional classroom environment with required site visits as part of the certificate program. Methods of instruction include: lectures, class discussions, readings, individual and group design and presentation, case studies, assigned reading and individual research. Prerequisite: Introduction to Horticultural Therapy (THR 301).

Credit recommendation: 

In the lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category OR in the upper division baccalaureate degree category, 1 semester hour in Horticultural Therapy, Horticulture, Social Work, Special Education or Psychology (11/12) (11/17 revalidation).