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National College Credit Recommendation Service

Board of Regents  |  University of the State of New York

Maalot Educational Network | Evaluated Learning Experience

Studies in the Book of Deuteronomy (REL263)

Formerly Analysis of Hebrew Scriptures: Selected Topics in Deuteronomy (REL263)

Classroom: 39 hours (13 weeks); Distance/Hybrid: Varies. 

Traditional classroom-based offered at Maalot, Jerusalem, and other authorized locations. Distance learning and hybrid options available.

September 2009 - Present.

Instructional delivery format: 
Traditional classroom model
Online/distance learning
Hybrid course/exam
Learner Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to: analyze the depth of the major religious, ethical, halachic and historical elements of selected topics in the Book of Deuteronomy and use skills in parsing biblical texts and their exegeses.


Major topics include: differences between Sefer Devarim and previous four books, significance of the sites listed, Rebuke, Judges: roles and qualifications, Spies: request for, connection with incident of Miriam, Moshe’s motivation for sending, spies’ qualifications, motivations and downfalls, return and reports, Faith vs. effort, shoftim and shotrim, Sanhedrin, semicha, bribery, avon and chatat, Rabbinic obligations, King: appointing, succession, worthiness, limits, obligations, Levis: their unusual portions in the Land of Israel, periods of service, Mitzvot: counting and categorizing, False prophets, cities of refuge and blood avengers, War: behavior, obligatory wars and voluntary wars, do not uproot fruit trees, G-d’s blessings and curses, Messiah, and free will. Topics may vary. Methods of instruction include lecture, discussion, and textual preparation.

Credit recommendation: 

In the lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category OR in the upper division baccalaureate degree category, 3 semester hours in Hebraic Scriptures, Judaic Studies, or Religious Studies (10/10) (8/15 revalidation) (3/21 revalidation).