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National College Credit Recommendation Service

Board of Regents  |  University of the State of New York

Coopersmith Career Consulting | Evaluated Learning Experience

Classroom Management (EDU-300)


Varies (self-study, self-paced). 

Various; distance learning format.

April 2020 - Present. 

Instructional delivery format: 
Online/distance learning
Learner Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of the learning experience, students will be able to: examine the main objectives of a classroom management system and create an effective plan for managing a classroom environment; investigate themes from historical approaches to management that are still prevalent in the field today; compare the relevance of important classroom management terminologies and identify ways in which teachers can help students comprehend expectations; compare and contrast the classroom management recommendations made by leading theorists and experts in classroom management; analyze and evaluate student characteristics that may affect classroom management; evaluate classroom management plans and decisions; interpret the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework and the broad classroom management themes to which it corresponds; examine issues of diversity and how they impact classroom management and building meaningful relationships with students and their families.


Major topics include: introduction to the essential elements and principles of classroom management, including behavior, motivation, discipline, communication, and engagement strategies, variety of classroom management skills to maintain organized and engaging classroom environments and establish positive and cooperative relationships with children and their parents/guardians using the developmentally appropriate classroom management strategies.

Credit recommendation: 

In the upper division baccalaureate degree category, 3 semester hours in Classroom Management or Education (4/20).