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National College Credit Recommendation Service

Board of Regents  |  University of the State of New York

Selection of Evaluators

  1. In conducting evaluations, NCCRS generally hires three subject-matter specialists in the field under consideration. Individuals slated to serve in this capacity are solicited from postsecondary institutions, professional and educational associations, accrediting agencies, and noncollegiate organizations. At least two of the three reviewers are college faculty members who teach courses in the discipline involved. The third team member may be a practicing professional, whose role is to confirm the comparability of the material in relation to current practices in the field.
  2. The following criteria are considered in selecting subject matter experts:
  • ​Area of expertise: Individuals' formal training and experiences should closely approximate the area of courses or programs being reviewed.
  • Possible conflict of interest: Care is taken to avoid engaging reviewers who might be personally affected (either adversely or favorably) by the outcome of an evaluation.
  • Teaching experience: Preference is given to reviewers who have five years or more teaching experience (with the exception of the practicing professional).
  • Assessment experience: Evaluators with experience in curriculum development (e.g., membership on a curriculum committee), evaluation of transfer credit, or portfolio assessment (with the exception of the practicing professional) are deemed most desirable. 
  • Educational philosophy: NCCRS seeks evaluators who are generally receptive to the view that it is sound educational practice to acknowledge and award credit for college-level learning acquired in noncollegiate settings.