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National College Credit Recommendation Service

Board of Regents  |  University of the State of New York

Required Documentation

  1. Prior to the evaluation, sponsoring organizations submit information concerning their administrative practices and the courses for which they seek college credit recommendations. On the basis of this information, NCCRS staff decides whether the organization demonstrates sufficient stability and administrative and curricular control to present its educational programs for review.
    • Administrative information includes the following: a description of the administration of the organization's training function; procedures for selecting and evaluating instructional staff; procedures for curriculum development, evaluation, and revision; and procedures for insuring consistent quality in programs delivered at multiple locations.
    • Course information includes: general background on the development of the course, the intended audience, and student-instructor ratio; a detailed syllabus (course outline) describing the learning outcomes, content covered in each session, schedule of instruction and testing, and other instructional information. These submissions become part of the NCCRS record on the sponsoring organization.
  2. For each evaluation, organizations provide the following information for each course or program submitted:
    • Instructional materials: textbooks, syllabi, audio-visual materials, case studies, workbooks, problems, etc. In the case of computer-assisted instruction, interactive video, or for courses and programs delivered by television, examples of courseware and supplemental instructional materials. 
    • Grade samples of assignments, written exercise, skill performance, quiz, or exam that contributes to students' final grades.
    • Instructors' qualifications (Resume or CV), including relevant education and work experience.
    • Class rosters/grade lists documenting inclusive dates of student attendance and performance. All personal information (name, Social Security number, etc.) needs to be redacted. 
    • Student (and, if available, managerial) evaluations of instructors' teaching styles and methods, overall program, and sponsoring organization. 
  3. For courses and programs involving other instructional approaches, (e.g., self-paced computer-assisted instruction, interactive video, correspondence,  independent study courses, or proficiency examination programs) some of the foregoing information is not relevant. However, student achievement of learning outcomes in these courses must be documented by appropriate alternative materials.
  4. Participating organizations must maintain permanent official records of students' participation and performance in any course or program that is reviewed and sponsoring organizations must demonstrate the capability to store and retrieve student records for the period covered by the credit recommendations.