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An NCCRS member since October 2018, Microsoft's mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more - that means empowering every student today with the skills they need for tomorrow’s job market regardless of socio-economic status or ability.The skills required to create or advance a career and earn a spot at the top don’t come easily. Microsoft offers a rewarding approach to learning with multiple options that help you achieve your goals faster and the opportunity to earn college credits!

Microsoft’s Technical Certification Program validates that someone has the skills they need to be successful in high demand, cloud-based jobs. Our certifications pave the way for someone to start a career in technology, find the job of their dreams, get promoted, receive a pay increase, or increase their productivity and effectiveness, and have a voice in strategic decisions that drive the digital transformations of the organizations that they support. For information, visit

Students and admissions representatives please note: NCCRS does not provide transcripts. Microsoft transcript requests and inquiries should be directed here ( See the Source of Official Student Records contact information on the top right of this page for more information.

See the full list of programs evaluated by NCCRS below.

Source of Official Student Records

Credential submission for Microsoft Certifications: Learners will find step by step instructions to submit Microsoft exams, badges, and credentials for college credits here:

Transcripts: To request a college transcript for Microsoft certifications evaluated by NCCRS, students must complete an Excelsior College Transcript Service Application. Download the application here.

The Excelsior Transcript Service application form must be emailed to Excelsior College only at The form will not be accepted by Microsoft Corporation or NCCRS.


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Microsoft Certification Exams

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