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Theoria Technical College


Theoria Technical College, an NCCRS member since November 2021, fosters a mission to prepare adults for higher education and increase employability in the field of Early Childhood Education (ECE). The institution offers an ECE program that keeps up with the educational requirements of the industry. The quality program enables students to earn the educational competencies needed to attain successful employment and advancement in their careers in a short timeframe. Theoria Technical College's staff of ECE professionals have a passion for children that is routed with a solid foundation in the critical practices and theories of early childhood development. The overall development pathway of the organization's students is a vital key to the ECE communities they serve.

To this end, Theoria Technical College works diligently to bridge the gap between the typical academic classroom experience and the day-to-day demands of early childhood classrooms and programs by:

  • preparing courses of study where the learning is reflective of what is expected in the early childhood development classroom. The method of learning is through lessons which have been prepared by the faculty with consultation from the child development community and industry professionals;
  • providing courses that are taught by senior industry professionals who not only have excelled academically in the field of early childhood education, but also have hands-on experience working in the field of early child development;
  • employing faculty who are practicing business professionals who, thanks to their solid educational credentials and strong desire to teach, provide a unique real-world education that is immediately useful in the early education professions.

Theoria students have the privilege to select multiple pathways based on their individual education goals and needs. 

Theoria offers:

  • an Associate degree program in Early Childhood Education;
  • eight (8) Certificate Programs with CDA recognition - the certificate programs meet the requirements set by the Department of Social Service – Community Care Licensing Division, Title 22 Rules and Regulations; and a
  • a standalone CDA program for Nationwide Credentialing in Early Childhood Education.

Theoria Technical College's mission is to provides a high-quality, convenient, and effective early childhood educational experience with supportive services that are vital to the needs and career success of its students. Theoria offers a learning environment focused on job-oriented training and the development of practical and ethical skills required by today's employers. The institution recognizes the changing needs of students for childcare occupational preparation and the needs of the community for specific occupational-trained students who meets today’s intensive demands of the Early Childhood Industry. Theoria Technical College courses are designed to provide students with intensive job training to meet the growing demands of the early childhood education industry.

5857 Owens Avenue
Suite 300
Carlsbad, CA 92008
United States

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