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Seymour Joseph Institute of American Sign Language


The Seymour Joseph Institute of American Sign Language (SJI), an NCCRS member since 1996, is an institution committed to the instruction and advancement of American Sign Language to both the hearing and Deaf communities. Its goal is to produce graduates that have the skill to communicate accurately and effectively with Deaf individuals both within and outside of the Deaf community.

Students, professionals, and other interested persons have the opportunity to gain conversational ability and understanding of the function of ASL through the American Sign Language program. The ASL program provides a solid base for further study in the Sign Interpreter Program. It also serves those in the teaching profession who work with Deaf students and may benefit college students by fulfilling their language distribution requirement. The Sign Interpreter Program prepares graduates for work in courtrooms, hospitals, police agencies, and schools, among other locales.

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Registrar, Seymour Joseph Institute of American Sign Language
43 Ramona Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10312
United States

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