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New York Botanical Garden


New York Botanical Garden, was an NCCRS member from 1979 to 2010 and renewed their membership in January 2012. Since its founding in 1891, The New York Botanical Garden has been a nationally and internationally recognized research center and resource of major importance to the plant sciences. The William and Lynda Steere Herbarium maintains a collection of more than 7.3 million dried specimens. The Garden publishes three scientific journals and several book series through NYBG Press, operates the Institute of Economic Botany, the Institute of Systematic Botany, and the Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Program for Molecular Systematics, and offers a cooperative doctoral program in plant taxonomy. The Garden’s LuEsther T. Mertz Library is one of the most comprehensive botanical and horticultural libraries in the world. The library is noted for the importance, breadth, and accessibility of its holdings, which include well over 1 million items in 72 languages covering 800 years of botanical and horticultural history, comprising 550,000 books and journals; 52,000 nursery and seed catalogs; 40,000 pieces of art and illustration; thousands of vertical files, reprints, and photographic materials; and more than 6,700 linear feet of archival material. The Library serves the Garden staff, students, professionals, and the general public in all aspects of plant studies.

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