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Temple University Credential for Strengths-Based Family Workers


The Temple University Credential for Strengths-Based Family Workers (SFW), (formerly Temple University Family Development Credential (FDC) Consortium) an NCCRS member since October 2012, consists of thirteen states: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, New York (Greene County), North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. Each state offering training leading to the Credential for Strengths-Based Family Workers (formerly Family Development Credential) provides the training through local human service and educational agencies under the guidance of a state coordinator.  The objective of the SFW training is to infuse strengths-based family support principles into the practice of all institutions and agencies striving to improve the lives of children and families across the United States. Of the states in the Consortium, three are participating in the credit recommendation evaluation process: Alabama, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Please note: For information about the former Family Development Credential training offered by The Children's Trust Fund of Missouri, The New York State Department of State, The Los Angeles County Office of Education, or The Community Action Association of Pennsylvania, please contact NCCRS for archived course exhibits:

SPECIAL NOTE 11/4/20: 

Because of safety concerns and travel restrictions related to COVID-19, NCCRS has deferred the October 2020 scheduled evaluation of the course offered by Temple University Credential for Strengths-Based Family Workers (SWF). The purpose of the evaluation was to perform the 5-year revalidation of credit recommendations. NCCRS has approved a temporary extension of current credit recommendations where necessary.  NCCRS will make administrative decisions on a case-by-case basis so that students are not deprived of using their credit recommendations.  Please contact NCCRS with specific questions or concerns: or 518-486-2070.

Students and admissions representatives please note: NCCRS does not provide transcripts. Transcript requests and inquiries should be directed to the organization offering the courses, examinations or apprenticeship. See the Source of Official Student Records in the sidebar near the top right side of this page.

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Temple University Family Development Credential (FDC) Consortium

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