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St. Giles International


St. Giles International, an NCCRS member since 1998, was founded in London in 1955 as part of the St. Giles Group, which now includes seven colleges in England, the United States, Brazil and Canada. St. Giles offers teacher training for native or near-native speakers of English leading to the internationally recognized CELTA Certificate (Certificate in Teaching English to Other Languages which is one of the most widely sought after qualifications of its kind. The CELTA program is accredited by Cambridge University in England (Cambridge English), and their independent assessors assess every course offered by St. Giles. This provides both clients and overseas employers with a guarantee of continued high quality training.

St. Giles offers intensive four-week long, full time Cambridge CELTA courses throughout the year. To ensure high standards of instruction, each course has a maximum student-teacher ratio of 6:1. The program provided by St. Giles includes a number of features which distinguish it from many other TEFL training programs, including a pre-course distance learning component, significant in-course coverage of cross-cultural and professional development issues, and personalized job guidance. It also provides its graduates with post-course teacher development materials and ongoing support with employment questions.

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