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Yeshivas Toras Moshe, an NCCRS member since 2000, was founded in 1982 to provide the highly motivated English speaking student with quality education in Judaic and legal studies, either as preparation for a career in Jewish scholarship or as the basis for a lifetime of self-motivated learning. Toras Moshe provides its students with a rigorous, structured program to develop the textual and conceptual skills required for advanced analysis and research, while imparting the content of a large body of Judaic and rabbinic scholarship. After completing the undergraduate program at Toras Moshe, a student has acquired the skills for further advanced study and research.

The student body of Toras Moshe is drawn from the entire English speaking world but comes primarily from the United States and Canada. Students are selected based on their academic merit, potential for personal and academic growth, and commitment to development in scholarship and Jewish ethics. Toras Moshe trains students in critical thought and develops within them a high level of understanding of and appreciation for the wisdom and philosophy embodied in traditional Jewish scholarship. Upon graduation, students enter a variety of fields among them law, accounting, medicine, business, engineering, the rabbinate, and social work, while assuming positions as informed, knowledgeable and committed rabbinic and lay leaders.

In addition to undergraduate study, Toras Moshe offers a graduate program designed for the student who has finished many years of Talmudic study and is preparing for a career in Judaic and/or legal studies. These courses continue Toras Moshe’s tradition of high level, rigorous academic study with a view toward preparing leaders for the 21st Century, steeped in the Judaic knowledge amassed in centuries past.

Source of official student records: Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivas Toras Moshe, Maaglei Harim Levine 27, Jerusalem, Israel.

Titles of all evaluated learning experiences

Listed below are the titles of all evaluated learning experiences for this organization, grouped under three headings. Information on the college credit recommendation established for individual learning experiences in each of the three areas can be accessed through the links below:

Laws of Blessings (Jewish Law 121)
Laws of Prayer (Jewish Law 112, 212)
Laws of Shema I (Jewish Law 110, 210)
Laws of Shema II (Jewish Law 111, 211)
Laws of Tefillin and Morning Blessings (Jewish Law 113, 213)
Laws of Tzitzis (Jewish Law 114, 214)
Sabbath Laws I (Jewish Law 115, 215)
Sabbath Laws II (Jewish Law 116, 216)
Sabbath Laws II (Jewish Law 117, 217)
Sabbath Laws III (Jewish Law 117, 217)
Sabbath Laws III (Jewish Law 118, 218)
Sabbath Laws IV (Jewish Law 118, 218)
Sabbath Laws V (Jewish Law 119, 219)
Sabbath Laws VI (Jewish Law 120, 220)

Advanced Concepts (Jewish Thought 211)
Advanced Concepts (Jewish Thought 212)
Fundamental Concepts (Jewish Thought 111)
Fundamental Concepts (Jewish Thought 112)
Ideals of Jewish Life (Jewish Thought 311)
Ideals of Jewish Life (Jewish Thought 312)

Talmud Bava Basra I (Talmud 154a, 254a, 354a, 454a)
Talmud Bava Basra I (Talmud 119, 219, 319, 419)
Talmud Bava Basra II (Talmud 154b, 254b, 354b, 454b)
Talmud Bava Basra II (Talmud 120, 220, 320, 420)
Talmud Bava Basra III (Talmud 167a, 267a, 467a)
Talmud Bava Basra IV (Talmud 167b, 267b, 367b)
Talmud Bava Kama V (Talmud 158a, 258a, 358a, 458a)
Talmud Bava Kama VI (Talmud 158b, 258b, 358b, 458b)
Talmud Bava Kama VII (Talmud 458d)
Talmud Bava Kama VIII (Talmud 358e)
Talmud Bava Kama IX (Talmud 169a, 269a, or 469a)
Talmud Bava Kama X (Talmud 169b, 269b, or 369b)
Talmud Bava Kama XI (Talmud 169d, 269d, or 469d)
Talmud Bava Kama XII (Talmud 169e, 269e, or 369e)
Talmud Bava Kama Advanced Survey III (Talmud 358c)
Talmud Bava Metzia V (Talmud 160a, 260a, 360a, 460a)
Talmud Bava Metzia VI (Talmud 160b, 260b, 360b, 460b)
Talmud Bava Metzia VII (Talmud 170a, 270a, 470a)
Talmud Bava Metzia VIII (Talmud 170b, 270b, 370b)
Talmud Bava Metzia IX (Talmud 470d)
Talmud Bava Metzia X (Talmud 170e, 270e)
Talmud Bava Metzia XI (Talmud 170d, 270d)
Talmud Bava Metzia Advanced Survey III (Talmud 360c)
Talmud Brachos (Talmud 163e, 263e, 363e, 463e)
Talmud Chulin I (Talmud 162a, 262a, 362a, 462a)
Talmud Chulin II (Talmud 162b, 262b, 362b, 462b)
Talmud Chulin III (Talmud 362c)
Talmud Chulin IV (Talmud 162d, 262d, 362d, 462d)
Talmud Chulin V (Talmud 262e)
Talmud Chulin VI (Talmud 362f)
Talmud Kesubos II (Talmud 150d, 250d, 350d, 450d)
Talmud Kesubos II (Talmud 151, 251, 351, 451)
Talmud Kesubos III (Talmud 164a, 264a, 364a, 464a)
Talmud Makos I (Talmud 168d, 268d, 468d)
Talmud Makos II (Talmud 168e, 268e, 368e)
Talmud Nedarim I (Talmud 166b, 266b, 466b)
Talmud Nedarim II (Talmud 166e, 266e, 466e)
Talmud Pesachim II (Talmud 155e, 255e, 355e, 455e)
Talmud Pesachim II (Talmud 122, 222, 322, 422)
Talmud Pesachim III (Talmud 159d, 259d, 359d, 459d)
Talmud Pesachim IV (Talmud 159e, 259e, 359e, 459e)
Talmud Pesachim Advanced Survey II (Talmud 359f)
Talmud Sanhedrin I (Talmud 161d, 261d, 361d, 461d)
Talmud Sanhedrin II (Talmud 161e, 261e, 361e, 461e)
Talmud Sanhedrin Advanced Survey I (Talmud 361f)
Talmud Shevuos I (Talmud 165a, 265a, 465a)
Talmud Shevuos II (Talmud 165d, 265d, 465d)
Talmud Sukkah I (Talmud 150, 250, 350, 450)
Talmud Sukkah I (Talmud 151b, 251b, 351b, 451b)
Talmud Sukkah II (Talmud 151e, 251e, 351e, 451e)
Talmud Sukkah II (Talmud 152, 252, 352, 452)

Talmud Bava Kama I (Talmud 152a, 252a, 352a, 452a)
Talmud Bava Kama I (Talmud 139, 239, 339, 439)
Talmud Bava Kama II (Talmud 152b, 252b, 352b, 452b)
Talmud Bava Kama II (Talmud 140, 240, 340, 440)
Talmud Bava Kama III (Talmud 152d, 252d, 352d, 452d)
Talmud Bava Kama III (Talmud 141, 241, 341, 441)
Talmud Bava Kama IV (Talmud 152e, 252e, 352e, 452e)
Talmud Bava Kama IV (Talmud 142, 242, 342, 442)
Talmud Bava Metzia I (Talmud 153a, 253a, 353a, 453a)
Talmud Bava Metzia (Talmud 129, 229, 329, 429)
Talmud Bava Metzia II (Talmud 153b, 253b, 353b, 453b)
Talmud Bava Metzia II (Talmud 130, 230, 330, 430)
Talmud Bava Metzia III (Talmud 153d, 253d, 353d, 453d)
Talmud Bava Metzia III (Talmud 131, 231, 331, 431)
Talmud Bava Metzia IV (Talmud 153e, 253e, 353e, 453e)
Talmud Bava Metzia IV (Talmud 132, 232,  332, 432)
Talmud Gittin I (Talmud 156a, 256a, 356a, 456a)
Talmud Gittin I (Talmud 143, 243, 343, 443)
Talmud Gittin II (Talmud 156b, 256b, 356b, 456b)
Talmud Gittin II (Talmud 144, 244, 344, 444)
Talmud Gittin III (Talmud 156d, 256d, 356d, 456d)
Talmud Gittin III (Talmud 153, 253, 353, 453)
Talmud Gittin IV (Talmud 156e 256e, 356e, 456e)
Talmud Gittin IV (Talmud 154, 254, 354, 454)
Talmud Gittin Advanced Survey I (Talmud 346)
Talmud Gittin Advanced Survey I (Talmud 356c)
Talmud Gittin Advanced Survey II (Talmud 348)
Talmud Gittin Advanced Survey II (Talmud 356f)
Talmud Kesubos I (Talmud 149, 249, 349, 449)
Talmud Kesubos I (Talmud 150a, 250a, 350a, 450a)
Talmud Kiddushin I (Talmud 157a, 257a, 357a, 457a)
Talmud Kiddushin II (Talmud 157b, 257b, 357b, 457b)
Talmud Kiddushin III (Talmud 157d, 257d, 357d, 457d)
Talmud Kiddushin IV (Talmud 157e, 257e, 357e, 457e)
Talmud Kiddushin Advanced Survey I (Talmud 357c)
Talmud Kiddushin Advanced Survey II (Talmud 357f)
Talmud Pesachim I (Talmud 121, 221, 321, 421)
Talmud Pesachim I (Talmud 155d, 255d, 355d, 455d)
Talmud Pesachim II (Talmud 122, 222, 322, 422)
Talmud Pesachim II (Talmud 155e, 255e, 355e, 455e)

Descriptions and credit recommendations

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